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The Economy Principle in language: Notes and Observations from Early Modern English Grammars 1-gen-2003 Vicentini, Alessandra
"'Similitudes are the common Field wherein Error is sown and does most thrive’: pronunciation changes and homophones in some 17th–century English grammars". 1-gen-2003 Vicentini, Alessandra
"'More is too much when fewer will serve': James Howell as a spelling reformer in 17th–century England". 1-gen-2003 Iamartino, G.; Vicentini, Alessandra
A proposito delle prime grammatiche d’inglese del Settecento italiano: ambiti di ricerca e problematiche metodologiche. 1-gen-2005 Vicentini, Alessandra
In Johnson’s footsteps: Baretti’s English Grammar and the spread of the English language in Italy during the eighteenth century 1-gen-2006 Vicentini, Alessandra
Introduzione alla linguistica inglese 1-gen-2006 Vicentini, Alessandra
Parole, parole, parole: nomenclature e lessici nelle prime grammatiche d’inglese del Settecento italiano 1-gen-2007 Vicentini, Alessandra
Lingua, Lingue e Linguaggio in Tolkien e The Lord of the Rings 1-gen-2008 Vicentini, Alessandra
Linguistic representation of ethnic groups in Canadian healthcare websites from the Anglophone perspective: main and minor bilingualism(s). 1-gen-2008 Vicentini, Alessandra
“Strategies for communicating ethical and legal issues in health care websites: a linguistic analysis of WHO’s and NHSs’ webpages”. 1-gen-2008 Vicentini, Alessandra
Rappresentazioni del rugby italiano nella stampa inglese: una riflessione linguistica 1-gen-2009 Vicentini, Alessandra
Building South African web identity: health care information for citizens vs. foreigners 1-gen-2009 Grego, K.; Vicentini, Alessandra
The Revolution of Devolution: Issues of identity in Italian public healthcare websites 1-gen-2009 Grego, K.; Vicentini, Alessandra
English language stereotypes and phonetics issues in the 18th century: the first grammars of English for Italian learners. 1-gen-2009 Vicentini, Alessandra
Language and marketing strategies in healthcare and corporate websites: The case of the American HHS 1-gen-2010 Vicentini, Alessandra
Holiday dialysis in Italy on the web: Multidimensional hybridization in institutional healthcare communication 1-gen-2011 Grego, K.; Vicentini, Alessandra
L'Englishness linguistica e culturale di Indiana Jones 1-gen-2011 Grego, K.; Vicentini, Alessandra
Anglomanie settecentesche: le prime grammatiche d’inglese per italiani. 1° edizione 1-gen-2012 Vicentini, Alessandra
Intercultural and ideological issues in lexicography: A prototype of a bioethics dictionary 1-gen-2012 Vicentini, Alessandra; Grego, K.; Berti, Barbara; Bellini, Paolo; Orizio, G.
Institutional Healthcare E-Brochures and Multilingualism Issues in the Recent Immigration Era in Italy (2007-2010) 1-gen-2012 Vicentini, Alessandra
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 66
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