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3D-modelling and prediction by WHIM descriptors. Part 7. Physico-chemical properties of haloaromatics: comparison between WHIM and topological descriptors 1-gen-1997 C., Chiorboli; Gramatica, Paola; R., Piazza; A. PINO AND R., Todeschini
3D-modelling and prediction by WHIM descriptors. Part 8. Toxicity and physico-chemical properties of environmental priority chemicals by 2D-TI and 3D-WHIM descriptors. 1-gen-1997 R., Todeschini; M., Vighi; Gramatica, Paola
Approaches for externally validated QSAR modelling of nitrated polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon mutagenicity 1-gen-2007 Gramatica, Paola; Pilutti, P; Papa, Ester
Classification of environmental pollutants for global mobility potential 1-gen-2002 Gramatica, Paola; Pozzi, S; Consonni, V; DI GUARDO, Antonio
Classification-based QSARs for predicting Dietary Biomagnification in Fish 1-gen-2022 Bertato, L.; Taboureau, O.; Chirico, N.; Papa, E.
Ecotoxicity interspecies QAAR models from Daphnia toxicity of pharmaceuticals and personal care products 1-gen-2016 Sangion, Alessandro; Gramatica, Paola
Environmental Modelling: progress and prospects 1-gen-1997 Mackay, D; DI GUARDO, Antonio; Hickie, B; Webster, E.
Externally validated QSPR modelling of VOC tropospheric oxidation by NO3 radicals 1-gen-2008 Papa, Ester; Gramatica, Paola
Improved RP-HPLC Determination of Kow for Some Chloroaromatic Chemicals Using Molecular Connectivity Indices 1-gen-1994 A, Finizio; DI GUARDO, A.; Vighi, M.
Investigation of the influence of protein corona composition on gold nanoparticle bioactivity using machine learning approaches 1-gen-2016 Papa, Ester; Doucet, J. P.; Sangion, Alessandro; Doucet Panaye, A.
Linear and non-linear modelling of the cytotoxicity of TiO2 and ZnO nanoparticles by empirical descriptors 1-gen-2015 Papa, Ester; Doucet, J. P.; Doucet Panaye, A.
Membro dell'Editorial Board - Journal SAR and QSAR in Environmental Research (2016 - present) 1-gen-2016 Papa, Ester
Modelling peak exposure of pesticides in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems: importance of dissolved organic carbon and vertical particle movement in soil 1-gen-2020 Terzaghi, Elisa; Vitale, CHIARA MARIA; DI GUARDO, Antonio
Prediction of aromatic amines mutagenicity from theoretical molecular descriptors 1-gen-2003 Gramatica, Paola; Consonni, V; Pavan, M.
Prediction of PAH mutagenicity in human cells by QSAR classification 1-gen-2008 Papa, Ester; Pilutti, P; Gramatica, Paola
QSAR classification models for the screening of the Endocrine Disrupting activity of perfluorinated compounds 1-gen-2012 Kovarich, S.; Papa, Ester; Li, J.; Gramatica, Paola
QSAR classification of estrogen receptor binders and identification of pleiotropic EDCs 1-gen-2010 Jiazhong, Li; Gramatica, Paola
QSAR modeling of water quality indices of alkylphenol pollutants 1-gen-2007 Kim, J. H.; Gramatica, Paola; Kim, M. G.; Kim, D. AND TRATNYEK P. G.
QSAR models for predicting the toxicity of piperidine derivatives against Aedes aegypti 1-gen-2017 Doucet, J. P; Papa, Ester; Doucet Panaye, A.; Devillers, J.
QSAR prediction of the competitive interaction of emerging halogenated pollutants with human transthyretin 1-gen-2013 Papa, Ester; Kovarich, Simona; Gramatica, Paola
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