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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Analytical investigation of calcium oxalate films on marble monuments 1-gen-2004 Rampazzi, Laura; Andreotti, A; Bonaduce, I; Colombini, Mp; Colombo, C; Toniolo, L.
Assessment of a colorimetric method for the measurement of low concentrations of peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide in water 1-gen-2018 Domínguez-Henao, Laura; Turolla, Andrea; Monticelli, Damiano; Antonelli, Manuela
Atmospheric pressure vapour phase decomposition: a proof of principle 1-gen-2012 Cinosi, A.; Andriollo, N.; Tibaldi, F.; Monticelli, Damiano
Exploring bufferless iron speciation in seawater by Competitive Ligand Equilibration-Cathodic Stripping Voltammetry: Does pH control really matter? 1-gen-2021 Sanvito, F.; Monticelli, D.
Fast transient infrared studies in material science: development of a novel low dead-volume, high temperature DRIFTS cell. 1-gen-2005 V., DAL SANTO; Dossi, Carlo; A., Fusi; R., Psaro; C., Mondelli; Recchia, Sandro
Miniaturization in voltammetry: ultratrace element analysis and speciation with twenty-fold sample size reduction 1-gen-2014 Monticelli, Damiano; L. M., Laglera; Caprara, Salvatore
Potentiometric detection of creatinine in the presence of nicotine: Molecular recognition, sensing and quantification through multivariate regression 1-gen-2022 Corba, Alessandro; Sierra, Andrés F.; Blondeau, Pascal; Giussani, Barbara; Riu, Jordi; Ballester, Pablo; Andrade, Francisco J.
Problems in the application of the three-step BCR sequential extraction to low amounts of sediments: an alternative validated route 1-gen-2008 Ciceri, E; Giussani, Barbara; Pozzi, Andrea; Dossi, Carlo; Recchia, Sandro
Towards a zero-blank, preconcentration-free voltammetric method for iron analysis at picomolar concentrations in unbuffered seawater 1-gen-2016 Laglera, Luis M; Caprara, Salvatore; Monticelli, Damiano
Understanding microwave vessel contamination by chloride species 1-gen-2016 Recchia, Sandro; Spanu, Davide; Bianchi, D.; Dossi, Carlo; Pozzi, Andrea; Monticelli, Damiano
Validation of an isotope dilution, ICP-MS method based on internal mass bias correction for the determination of trace concentrations of Hg in sediment cores. 1-gen-2008 E., Ciceri; Recchia, Sandro; Dossi, Carlo; L., Yang; R. E., Sturgeon
A viscous film sample chamber for Laser Ablation Inductively Coupled Plasma - Mass Spectrometry 1-gen-2018 Monticelli, Damiano; Civati, Davide; Giussani, Barbara; Dossi, Carlo; Spanu, Davide; Recchia, Sandro
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 12 di 12
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