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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
An efficient algorithm for generating symmetric ice piles 1-gen-2014 R., Mantaci; Massazza, Paolo; J. B., Yunès
Architectural technical debt of multiagent systems development platforms 1-gen-2021 Pigazzini, I.; Briola, D.; Fontana, F. A.
Complex Arguments in Adpositional Argumentation 1-gen-2021 Gobbo, F.; Benini, M.; Wagemans, J. H. M.
Compositional modeling of biological systems in cospanspan(graph) 1-gen-2020 Gianola, A.; Kasangian, S.; Manicardi, D.; Sabadini, N.; Tini, S.
COVER: Change-based goal verifier and reasoner 1-gen-2017 Menghi, C.; Spoletini, P.; Ghezzi, C.
Forward proof-search and countermodel construction in intuitionistic propositional logic 1-gen-2020 Fiorentini, C.; Ferrari, M.
A function elimination method for checking satisfiability of arithmetical logics 1-gen-2014 Castiglioni, Valentina; Lanotte, Ruggero; Tini, Simone
JTabWb: a Java Framework for Implementing Terminating Sequent and Tableau Calculi 1-gen-2014 Ferrari, Mauro; Fiorentini, C.; Fiorino, G.
MV-tropical polynomials and neural networks 1-gen-2021 Aguzzoli, S.; Di Nola, A.; Gerla, B.; Russo, C.
A natural deduction calculus for gödel-dummett logic internalizing proof-search control mechanisms? 1-gen-2020 Fiorentini, C.; Ferrari, M.
On Counting L-Convex Polyominoes 1-gen-2021 Dorigatti, V.; Massazza, P.
On fuzzy truth-values and quasi-standard completeness 1-gen-2021 Aguzzoli, S.; Gerla, B.
On the generating functions of languages accepted by deterministic one-reversal counter machines 1-gen-2018 Massazza, P.
OntologyBeanGenerator 5.0: Extending ontology concepts with methods and exceptions 1-gen-2018 Briola, Daniela; Mascardi, Viviana; Gioseffi, Massimiliano
A process calculus approach to correctness enforcement of PLCs 1-gen-2020 Lanotte, R.; Merro, M.; Munteanu, A.
REFSQ 2018: Joint proceedings of workshops, doctoral symposium, live studies, and posters and tools track 1-gen-2018 Schmid, K.; Spoletini, P.
REFSQ 2019: Joint proceedings of workshops, industrial track, doctoral symposium, live studies, and posters and tools track 1-gen-2019 Spoletini, P.; Mader, P.
A study of the correlation between functional size measures and object-oriented measures from UML requirements models 1-gen-2018 Lavazza, Luigi; Liu, Geng
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 18 di 18
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