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Quantum Field Theory Approach to Vortex Pair Nucleation in a Thin Superconductor: Role of Dissipation and Periodic Pinning 1-gen-1999 Iengo, R; Jug, Giancarlo
Anomalous Frequency-Dependent Conductivity near the Quantum Hall Transition 1-gen-1999 Jug, Giancarlo; Ziegler, G.
Duality Symmetry, Strong Coupling Expansion and Universal Critical Amplitudes in 2D Phi-4 Field Models 1-gen-1999 Jug, Giancarlo; Shalaev, B. N.
Tails of Localized Density of States of Two-dimensional Dirac Fermions 1-gen-2000 Villainguillot, S; Jug, Giancarlo; Ziegler, K.
Tails of the density of states of two-dimensional Dirac fermions 1-gen-2000 Villain-Guillot, S.; Jug, G.; Ziegler, K.
Supercurrent Decay by Vortex Nucleation in the Presence of an Array of Pinning Centres: a Renormalization Group Approach 1-gen-2000 Iengo, R; Jug, Giancarlo
Insubria-Florence development of a low-temperature capacitive bolometer for the detection of rare events 1-gen-2003 Pedretti, M.; Fascilla, A.; Giuliani, ANDREA ERNESTO GUIDO; Jug, Giancarlo; Pessina, G.; Ventura, G.; Oliveri, E.; Pasca, E.; Barucci, M.; Risegari, L.
Window-glasses as sensitive reactive bolometers to detect elementary particles at low temperatures 1-gen-2003 Jug, Giancarlo
Innovations in low-temperature calorimeters: surface sensitive bolometers for background rejection and capacitive bolometers for higher energy resolution 1-gen-2004 Sangiorgio, S.; Barucci, M.; Foggetta, L.; Giuliani, ANDREA ERNESTO GUIDO; Jug, Giancarlo; Nones, C.; Pasca, E.; Pedretti, Marisa; Pessina, G; Risegari, L.; Olivieri, E.; Ventura, G.
Innovations in Low-temperature Calorimeters: Surface Sensitive Bolometers for Background Rejection and Capacitive Bolometers for Higher Energy Resolution 1-gen-2004 S., Sangiorgio; M., Barucci; L., Foggetta; Giuliani, ANDREA ERNESTO GUIDO; Jug, Giancarlo; C., Nones; E., Pasca; M., Pedretti; G., Pessina; L., Risegari; E. OLIVIERI AND G., Ventura
Theory of the thermal magnetocapacitance of multicomponent silicate glasses at low temperature 1-gen-2004 Jug, Giancarlo
Giant Dielectric Magnetocapacitance of Composite Silicate-Glasses as Sensitive Reactive Property for Particle Detectors at Low Temperatures 1-gen-2005 M., Barucci; L., Foggetta; Giuliani, ANDREA ERNESTO GUIDO; Jug, Giancarlo; C., Nones; E., Olivieri; M., Pedretti; L., Risegari; S., Sangiorgio; G., Ventura
Observation of a Griffiths phase in paramagnetic La1-xSrxMnO3 1-gen-2005 J., Deisenhofer; D., Braak; H. A., KRUG VON NIDDA; J., Hemberger; R., Eremina; V. A., Ivanshin; A. M., Balbashov; Jug, Giancarlo; A., Loidl; T. KIMURA AND Y., Tokura
Quantized Transport in Two-Dimensional Spin-Ordered Structures 1-gen-2006 Campana, I; Jug, Giancarlo; Ziegler, K.
Power Laws from Randomly-Sampled Continuous-Time Random Walks 1-gen-2007 Mosetti, G; Jug, Giancarlo; Scalas, E.
Spin-size disorder model for granular superconductors with charging effects 1-gen-2009 Granato, E.; Jug, Giancarlo
Multiple-well tunneling model for the magnetic-field effect in ultracold glasses 1-gen-2009 Jug, Giancarlo
Evidence for a two-component tunnelling mechanism in the multicomponent glasses at low temperatures 1-gen-2010 Jug, Giancarlo; Paliienko, M.
Paramagnetic Tunneling Systems and Their Contribution to the Polarization Echo in Glasses 1-gen-2011 A., Borisenko; Jug, Giancarlo
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