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Antibody-mediated activation of a deletion-mutant b-galactosidase defective in the a-region 1-gen-1976 Accolla, Roberto; AND F., Celada
Idiotype-specific neonatal suppression of phosphorylcholine-responsive B cells. 1-gen-1977 Accolla, Roberto; P. J., Gearhart; N. H., Sigal; M. P., Cancro; AND N. R., Klinman
Immune response against the b-galactosidase enzyme of E.Coli at precursor cell level. I. Analysis of the secondary repertoire in BALB/c mice. 1-gen-1978 Accolla, Roberto; AND F., Celada
Common human melanoma associated antigen(s) detected by monoclonal antibodies. 1-gen-1980 Carrel, S.; Accolla, Roberto; A. L., Carmagnola; AND J. P., Mach
Somatic cell hybrids producing antibodies specific to human fibronectin. 1-gen-1980 Zardi, L.; B., Carnemolla; A., Siri; L., Santi; Accolla, Roberto
Monoclonal antibodies specific for carcinoembryonic antigen and produced by two hybrid cell lines. 1-gen-1980 Accolla, Roberto; S., Carrel; AND J. P., Mach
Human glioma-associated antigens detected by monoclonal antibodies 1-gen-1981 Schnegg, J. F.; A. C., Diserens; S., Carrel; Accolla, Roberto; AND N., Detribolet
Distinct forms of both a and b subunits are present in the human Ia molecular pool 1-gen-1981 Accolla, Roberto; N., Gross; S., Carrel; G., Corte
Use of radiolabelled monoclonal anti-CEA antibodies for the detection of human carcinomas by external photoscanning and tomoscintigraphy 1-gen-1981 Mach, J. P.; Fbuchegger, F. Buchegger; Mforni, M. Forni; Ritschard, J.; Cberche, C. Berche; Lumbroso, J. D.; Schreyer, M.; Cgirardet, C. Girardet; Accolla, Roberto; Scarrel, S. Carrel
Antibody-mediated activation of genetically defective Escherichia coli beta-galactosidases by monoclonal antibodies produced by somatic cell hybrids 1-gen-1981 Accolla, Roberto; Cina, R; Montesoro, E; Celada, F.
Allogeneic mixed lymphocyte reactions in humans : Pretreatment of either the stimulator or the responder cell population with monoclonal anti-Ia antibodies leads to an inhibition of cell proliferation 1-gen-1981 Accolla, Roberto; A., Moretta; J. C., Cerottini
Subsets of human Ia-like molecules defined by monoclonal antibodies 1-gen-1981 Carrel, S; Tosi, R; Gross, N; Tanigaki, N; Carmagnola, A. L; Accolla, Roberto
Binding of one monoclonal antibody to human Ia molecules can be enhanced by a second monoclonal antibody 1-gen-1981 Tosi, R.; Ntanigaki, N. Tanigaki; Sorrentino, R.; Accolla, Roberto; Gcorte, G. Corte
IL-2 mediated T cell proliferation in humans is blocked by a monoclonal antibody directed against monomorphic determinants of HLA-DR antigens. 1-gen-1982 Moretta, A.; Accolla, Roberto; J. C., Cerottini
Translation and assembly of HLA-DR antigens in Xenopus oocytes injected with mRNA from a human B-cell line 1-gen-1982 Long, E. O.; N., Gross; C. T., Wake; J. P., Mach; S., Carrel; Accolla, Roberto; B., Mach
Demonstration at the single cell level of the existence of distinct clusters of epitopes in two predefined human Ia molecular subsets 1-gen-1982 Accolla, Roberto; R. P., Sekaly; A. P., Mcdonald; G., Corte; N., Gross; S., Carrel
Monoclonal antibodies against carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) used in solid-phase enzyme immunoassay 1-gen-1982 Buchegger, F.; M., Phan; D., Rivier; S., Carrel; Accolla, Roberto; J. P., Mach
Sandwich enzyme immunoassay using three monoclonal antibodies against different epitopes of carcinoembryonic antigen "CEA". 1-gen-1982 Buchegger, F.; C., Mettraux; Accolla, Roberto; S., Carrel; J. P., Mach
Isolation of cDNA clones encoding HLA-DR a chains 1-gen-1982 Wake, C. T.; E. O., Long; M., Strubin; N., Gross; Accolla, Roberto; S., Carrel; B., Mach
Isolation of distinct cDNA clones encoding HLA-DR b chains by use of an expression assay 1-gen-1982 Long, Eo; Wake, Ct; Strubin, M; Gross, N; Accolla, Roberto; Carrel, S; Mach, B.
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