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Optical profiles with 180 micron resolution of objects hidden in scattering media 1-gen-2007 Andreoni, Alessandra; Nardo, L; Brega, A; Bondani, M.
Non-tissue-like features in the time-of-flight distributions of plastic tissue phantoms 1-gen-2008 Nardo, L; Bondani, M; Andreoni, Alessandra
DNA-ligand binding-mode discrimination by characterizing fluorescence resonant energy transfer through lifetime measurements with picosecond resolution 1-gen-2008 Nardo, L; Bondani, M; Andreoni, Alessandra
Role of H-bond formation in the photoreactivity of curcumin 1-gen-2008 Nardo, L; Paderno, R; Andreoni, Alessandra; Másson, M; Haukvik, T; Tønnesen, H. H.
A time-resolved FRET method for typing polymorphic alleles of the human leukocyte antigen system by using a single DNA probe 1-gen-2009 Andreoni, Alessandra; Bondani, M.; Nardo, Luca
Studies on curcumin and curcuminoids. XXXIV. Photophysical properties of a symmetrical, non substituted curcumin analogue 1-gen-2009 Nardo, Luca; Andreoni, Alessandra; Bondani, M.; Másson, M.; Tønnesen, H. H.
Feasibility of single nucleotide polymorphism genotyping with a single-probe by time-resolved Förster energy transfer 1-gen-2009 Andreoni, Alessandra; Bondani, M.; Nardo, Luca
Discrimination of the binding mode of DNA ligands by single-photon timing 1-gen-2009 Nardo, Luca; Bondani, M.; Andreoni, Alessandra
Time-correlated single-photon counting based method for submillimeter transillumination imaging of objects embedded in tissue-phantoms 1-gen-2009 Andreoni, Alessandra; Nardo, Luca; Zambra, G.; Bondani, M.
Molecular typing of polymorphic genes by time-resolved fluorescence resonance energy transfer 1-gen-2010 Nardo, Luca; Bondani, Maria; Tosi, Giovanna; Accolla, Roberto; Andreoni, Alessandra
Studies on curcumin and curcuminoids. XXXIX. Photophysical properties of Bisdemethoxycurcumin 1-gen-2011 Nardo, Luca; Andreoni, Alessandra; Bondani, M.; Masson, M.; Haukvik, T.; H. H., Tonnesen
Silicon Photomultipliers: characterization and applications 1-gen-2012 Ramilli, Marco; Allevi, Alessia; Nardo, Luca; Bondani, M.; Caccia, MASSIMO LUGI MARIA
Excited-state dynamics of bis-dehydroxycurcumin carboxylic acid, a water-soluble derivative of the photosensitizer curcumin 1-gen-2012 Nardo, Luca; Maspero, Angelo; Selva, M.; Bondani, Maria; Palmisano, Giovanni; Ferrari, E.; Saladini, M.
Picosecond-resolved FRET on non-amplified DNA for identifying individuals genetically susceptible to type-1 diabetes 1-gen-2012 Nardo, L.; Tosi, Giovanna; Bondani, Maria; Accolla, Roberto; Andreoni, Alessandra
Photon-number statistics and correlations with Silicon photomultipliers 1-gen-2012 Allevi, Alessia; Nardo, Luca; Ramilli, Marco; Bondani, Maria
Typing of a polymorphic human gene conferring susceptibility to insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus by picosecond-resolved FRET on non-purified/non-amplified genomic DNA 1-gen-2012 Nardo, L.; Tosi, G.; Bondani, M.; Accolla, R.; Andreoni, A.
Time-Resolved Förster Resonance Energy Transfer Analysis of Single-Nucleotide Polymorphisms: Towards Molecular Typing of Genes on Non-Purified and Non-PCR-Amplified DNA 1-gen-2013 Nardo, Luca; Camera, Nicola; Totè, Edoardo; Bondani, Maria; Accolla, Roberto; Tosi, Giovanna
Möhlau’s anthradipyrazole revisited: a new look at an old molecular system 1-gen-2013 Maspero, Angelo; Giovenzana, G. B.; Masciocchi, Norberto; Palmisano, Giovanni; Comotti, A.; Sozzani, P.; Bassanetti, I.; Nardo, L.
Elucidation of the relationships between H-bonding patterns and excited state dynamics in cyclovalone 1-gen-2014 Lamperti, M.; Maspero, Angelo; Tønnesen, H. H.; Bondani, M.; Nardo, L.; Nardo, Luca
Typing of polymorphic human genes by picosecond-resolved förster energy transfer 1-gen-2014 Andreoni, A.; Bondani, M.; Lamperti, M.; Nardo, L.
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