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Out of Equilibrium Self-Assembly of Janus Nanoparticles: Steering It from Disordered Amorphous to 2D Patterned Aggregates 1-gen-2016 Tagliabue, A.; Izzo, L.; Mella, M.
Hydrogen Transfer Activation via Stabilization of Coordinatively Vacant Sites: Tuning Long-Range π-System Electronic Interaction between Ru(0) and NHC Pendants 1-gen-2019 Cesari, C.; Mazzoni, R.; Matteucci, E.; Baschieri, A.; Sambri, L.; Mella, M.; Tagliabue, A.; Basile, F. L.; Lucarelli, C.
Absorbed weak polyelectrolytes: Impact of confinement, topology, and chemically specific interactions on ionization, conformation free energy, counterion condensation, and absorption equilibrium 1-gen-2019 Tagliabue, A.; Izzo, L.; Mella, M.
Impact of Charge Correlation, Chain Rigidity, and Chemical Specific Interactions on the Behavior of Weak Polyelectrolytes in Solution 1-gen-2019 Tagliabue, A.; Izzo, L.; Mella, M.
Stochastic coarse-grained simulations of polyelectrolytes 1-gen-2020 Tagliabue, Andrea
Controlling Drug Release of Anti-inflammatory Molecules Through a pH-Sensitive, Bactericidal Polymer Matrix: Towards a Synergic and Combined Therapy 1-gen-2020 Izzo, L.; Gorrasi, G.; Sorrentino, A.; Tagliabue, A.; Mella, M.
Monte Carlo study of the effects of macroion charge distribution on the ionization and adsorption of weak polyelectrolytes and concurrent counterion release 1-gen-2020 Mella, M.; Tagliabue, A.; Mollica, L.; Izzo, L.
Interface Counterion Localization Induces a Switch between Tight and Loose Configurations of Knotted Weak Polyacid Rings despite Intermonomer Coulomb Repulsions 1-gen-2020 Tagliabue, Andrea; Izzo, Lorella; Mella, Massimo
Electrostatically Cross-Linked Reversible Gels - Effects of pH and Ionic Strength 1-gen-2021 Stano, R.; Kosovan, P.; Tagliabue, A.; Holm, C.
Evidences for charged hydrogen bonds on surfaces bearing weakly basic pendants: The case of PMMA–ran–PDMAEMA polymeric films 1-gen-2021 Mella, M.; Tagliabue, A.; Vaghi, S.; Izzo, L.
On the distribution of hydrophilic polyelectrolytes and their counterions around zwitterionic micelles: The possible impact on the charge density in solution 1-gen-2021 Mella, M.; Tagliabue, A.; Izzo, L.
Can oppositely charged polyelectrolyte stars form a gel? A simulational study 1-gen-2021 Tagliabue, A.; Landsgesell, J.; Mella, M.; Holm, C.
Tunable Knot Segregation in Copolyelectrolyte Rings Carrying a Neutral Segment 1-gen-2021 Tagliabue, A.; Micheletti, C.; Mella, M.
How chemical structure and composition impact on the release of salt-like drugs from hydrophobic matrices: Variation of mechanism upon adding hydrophilic features to PMMA 1-gen-2022 Mella, M.; Tagliabue, A.; Viscusi, G.; Gorrasi, G.; Izzo, L.
Inducing pH control over the critical micelle concentration of zwitterionic surfactants via polyacids adsorption: Effect of chain length and structure 1-gen-2022 Mella, M.; Tagliabue, A.; Mollica, L.; Vaghi, S.; Izzo, L.
Interaction between surfaces decorated with like-charged pendants: Unravelling the interplay between energy and entropy leading to attraction 1-gen-2022 Mella, M.; Tagliabue, A.; Izzo, L.
Effect of Counterion Size on Knotted Polyelectrolyte Conformations 1-gen-2023 Tagliabue, A.; Micheletti, C.; Mella, M.
On the role played by hydrogen bonding between water soluble polyacids and surfactants on their micellization as a function of pH 1-gen-2023 Monti, M.; Tagliabue, A.; Brenna, S.; Mella, M.; Izzo, L.
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