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Azide, cyanide, fluoride, imidazole and pyridine binding to ferric and ferrous native horse heart cytochrome c and to its carboxymethylated derivative: A comparative study 1-gen-1996 Viola, F; Aime, S; Coletta, M; Desideri, A; Fasano, Mauro; Paoletti, S; Tarricone, C; Ascenzi, P.
Crystal structure and solution dynamics of the lutetium(III) chelate of DOTA 1-gen-1996 Aime, S; Barge, A; Botta, M; Fasano, Mauro; Ayala, Jd; Bombieri, G.
Gd(III) complexes as contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging: A proton relaxation enhancement study of the interaction with human serum albumin 1-gen-1996 Aime, S; Botta, M; Fasano, Mauro; Crich, Sg; Terreno, E.
Structural determinants of fluoride and formate binding to hemoglobin and myoglobin: Crystallographic and H-1-NMR relaxometric study 1-gen-1996 Aime, S; Fasano, Mauro; Paoletti, S; Cutruzzola, F; Desideri, A; Bolognesi, M; Rizzi, M; Ascenzi, P.
Conformational and coordination equilibria on DOTA complexes of lanthanide metal ions in aqueous solution studied by H-1-NMR spectroscopy 1-gen-1997 Aime, S; Botta, M; Fasano, Mauro; Marques, Mpm; Geraldes, Cfgc; Pubanz, D; Merbach, Ae
Non-ionic Ln(III) chelates as MRT contrast agents: Synthesis, characterisation and H-1 NMR relaxometric investigations of bis(benzylamide) diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acid Lu(III) and Gd(III) complexes 1-gen-1997 Aime, S; Benetollo, F; Bombieri, G; Colla, S; Fasano, Mauro; Paoletti, S.
EPR investigations of the iron domain in neuromelanin 1-gen-1997 Aime, S; Bergamasco, B; Biglino, D; Digilio, G; Fasano, Mauro; Giamello, E; Lopiano, L.
Relaxometric determination of the exchange rate of the coordinated water protons in a neutral Gd-III chelate 1-gen-1997 Aime, S; Botta, M; Fasano, Mauro; Paoletti, S; Terreno, E.
Lanthanide(III) chelates for NMR biomedical applications 1-gen-1998 Aime, S; Botta, M; Fasano, Mauro; Terreno, E.
Stabilization of the T-state of ferrous human adult and fetal hemoglobin by Ln(III) complexes: A thermodynamic study 1-gen-1998 Aime, S; Fasano, Mauro; Paoletti, S; Bellelli, A; Coletta, M; Ascenzi, P.
Stabilization of the T-state of human hemoglobin by proflavine, an antiseptic drug 1-gen-1999 Ascenzi, P; Colasanti, M; Fasano, Mauro; Bertollini, A.
Prototropic and water-exchange processes in aqueous solutions of Gd(III) chelates 1-gen-1999 Aime, S; Botta, M; Fasano, Mauro; Terreno, E.
H-1 and O-17-NMR relaxometric investigations of paramagnetic contrast agents for MRI. Clues for higher relaxivities 1-gen-1999 Aime, S; Botta, M; Fasano, Mauro; Crich, Sg; Terreno, E.
Metal complexes as allosteric effectors of human hemoglobin: An NMR study of the interaction of the gadolinium(III) bis(m-boroxyphenylamide)diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acid complex with human oxygenated and deoxygenated hemoglobin 1-gen-1999 Aime, S; Digilio, G; Fasano, Mauro; Paoletti, S; Arnelli, A; Ascenzi, P.
Nuclear magnetic relaxation dispersion profiles of substantia nigra pars compacta in Parkinson's disease patients are consistent with protein aggregation 1-gen-2000 Lopiano, L; Fasano, Mauro; Giraudo, S; Digilio, G; Koenig, Sh; Torre, E; Bergamasco, B; Aime, S.
Isolation and C-13-NMR characterization of an insoluble proteinaceous fraction from substantia nigra of patients with Parkinson's disease 1-gen-2000 Aime, S; Bergamasco, B; Casu, M; Digilio, G; Fasano, Mauro; Giraudo, S; Lopiano, L.
Investigation of the active site of Escherichia coli Cu,Zn superoxide dismutase reveals the absence of the copper-coordinated water molecule. Is the water molecule really necessary for the enzymatic mechanism? 1-gen-2000 Sette, M; Bozzi, M; Battistoni, A; Fasano, Mauro; Paci, M; Rotilio, G.
Experimental evidence for a second coordination sphere water molecule in the hydration structure of YbDTPA - Insights for a re-assessment of the relaxivity data of GdDTPA 1-gen-2000 Hardcastle, Ki; Botta, M; Fasano, Mauro; Digilio, G.
Q-band EPR investigations of neuromelanin in control and Parkinson's disease patients 1-gen-2000 Lopiano, L; Chiesa, M; Digilio, G; Giraudo, S; Bergamasco, B; Torre, E; Fasano, Mauro
Protein-bound metal chelates 1-gen-2001 S., Aime; M., Botta; Fasano, Mauro; E., Terreno
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