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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
From MSW to SRF through SC 1-gen-2013 Rada, Elena Cristina
From multiplicative noise to directed percolation in wetting transitions 1-gen-2003 Ginelli, F; Ahlers, V; Livi, R; Mukamel, D; Pikovsky, A; Politi, A; Torcini, A
From Net Income to Comprehensive Income 1-gen-2012 Gazzola, Patrizia; Amelio, Stefano
From new diagnostic targets to recombinant proteins and semi-synthetic protein-based vaccines 1-gen-2016 Bavaro, Teodora; Piubelli, Luciano; Amicosante, Massimo; Terreni, Marco
From normal to anomalous deterministic diffusion 1-gen-2003 Artuso, Roberto
From paleopathological issues to the re-excavation of the cemetery area of Saint Agostine in Caravate (Varese) 1-gen-2018 Licata, M.; Capuzzo, D.; Tosi, A.; Fusco, R.; Larentis, O.
From Paracrystalline Ru(CO)4 1D Polymer to Nanosized Ruthenium Metal: a Case of Study through Total Scattering Analysis 1-gen-2012 Cervellino, A; Maspero, Angelo; Masciocchi, Norberto; Guagliardi, A.
From passive to impersonal: A case study from Italian and its implications 1-gen-2011 Giacalone Ramat, A.; Sanso', Andrea
From Point Clouds to 3D Simulations of Marble Sulfation 1-gen-2023 Coco, A.; Preda, S.; Semplice, M.
From publishing to patenting: do productive scientists turn into academic inventors? 1-gen-2005 Montobbio, Fabio; Lissoni, F; Breschi, S.
From quantum to classical images 1-gen-1997 A., Gatti; Lugiato, Luigi; Gian Luca, Oppo; Richard, Martin; DI TRAPANI, Paolo; A., Berzanskis1
From rat diaphragmatic lymphatic vessels to lymphatic endothelial cells (LECs) 1-gen-2023 Marcozzi, Cristiana; Solari, Eleonora; Ottaviani, Chiara; Negrini, Daniela; Moriondo, Andrea
From sandbox modeling to paleoseismology: preliminary results on bending-moment faults modeling. 1-gen-2015 Livio, Franz; Reicherter, K.; Urai, J.
From scalar to vector optimization 1-gen-2006 Ivanov, IVAN GINCHEV; Guerraggio, Angelo; Rocca, Matteo
From scalar to vector optimization 1-gen-2002 Ivanov, IVAN GINCHEV; Guerraggio, Angelo; Matteo, Rocca
From scalar to vector optimization 1-gen-2003 Ivanov, IVAN GINCHEV; Guerraggio, Angelo; Matteo, Rocca
From Selective Collection to Solid Recovery Fuel and 50% recovery achievement: two Italian case studies 1-gen-2015 Rada, ELENA CRISTINA; Torretta, Vincenzo
From shareholders-value creation to corporate social entrepreneurship 1-gen-2016 Gazzola, Patrizia; Mella, Piero
From signals to colours: a case-based atlas of electroanatomic mapping in complex atrial arrhythmias 1-gen-2008 DE PONTI, Roberto
From Structural Syntax to Constructive Adpositional Grammars 1-gen-2011 Benini, Marco; Gobbo, Federico
Mostrati risultati da 18.942 a 18.961 di 54.300
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