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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Onsager reciprocal relations with broken time-reversal symmetry 1-gen-2020 Luo, Rongxiang; Benenti, Giuliano; Casati, Giulio; Wang, Jiao
Onset of Berger disease after Staphylococcus aureus infection: septic arthritis after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. 1-gen-2003 Pola, E; Logroscino, G; De Santis, V; Canducci, Filippo; Delcogliano, A; Gasbarrini, A.
Onset of isosexual puberty after treatment with norandrostenolone 1-gen-1982 Cisternino, M.; Livieri, C.; Cammareri, V.; Salvatoni, Alessandro; Larizza, D.; Lorini, R.; Severi, F.
Onset of type 2 diabetes in a toddler ? 1-gen-2016 Moretti, Alex; Cardani, Roberta; Trettene, ADOLFO ANDREA; Lenzi, L.; Toni, S.; Salvatoni, Alessandro
The onset time of amiodarone-induced thyrotoxicosis (AIT) depends on AIT type 1-gen-2014 Tomisti, L; Rossi, G; Bartalena, Luigi; Martino, E; Bogazzi, F.
Onsite advanced biocleaning system for historical wall paintings using new agar-gauze bacteria gel 1-gen-2019 Ranalli, G.; Zanardini, E.; Rampazzi, L.; Corti, C.; Andreotti, A.; Colombini, M. P.; Bosch Roig, P.; Lustrato, G.; Giantomassi, C.; Zari, D.; Virilli, P.
Ontogeny of nyctohemeral variations of thyrotropin-releasing hormone in rat hypothalamus 1-gen-1986 Martino, E; Bambini, G; Bartalena, Luigi; AGHINI LOMBARDI, F; Breccia, M; Baschieri, L; Pinchera, A.
The ontogeny of the endocrine pancreas in the fetal/newborn baboon 1-gen-2012 Quinn, Ar; Blanco, C; Perego, C; Finzi, G; La Rosa, S; Capella, C; Guardado-Mendoza, R; Casiraghi, F; Gastaldelli, A; Johnson, M; Dick, E; Folli, F
Ontologica: exploiting ontologies and natural language for railway management. Design, implementation and usage examples 1-gen-2013 Briola, D; Caccia, R; Bozzano, M; Locoro, A
Ontologica: Exploiting ontologies and natural language for representing and querying railway management logics 1-gen-2012 Briola, D; Caccia, R; Bozzano, M; Locoro, A
Ontologies in industrial Enterprise Content Management systems: the EC2M Project 1-gen-2013 Briola, D; Amicone, A; Laudisa, D
Ontology agents in FIPA-compliant platforms: A survey and a new proposal 1-gen-2008 Briola, Daniela; Locoro, Angela; Mascardi, V.
An ontology-based framework for a Less Invasive Domestic Management System (LIDoMS) 1-gen-2020 Spoladore, D.; Mondellini, M.; Sacco, M.; Spoladore, D.; Trombetta, A.
An ontology-based framework for a telehealthcare system to foster healthy nutrition and active lifestyle in older adults 1-gen-2021 Spoladore, D.; Colombo, V.; Arlati, S.; Mahroo, A.; Trombetta, A.; Sacco, M.
Ontology-driven processing and management of digital rock art objects in IndianaMAS 1-gen-2014 Briola, D; Deufemia, V; Mascardi, V; Paolino, L; Bianchi, N
OntologyBeanGenerator 5.0: Extending ontology concepts with methods and exceptions 1-gen-2018 Briola, Daniela; Mascardi, Viviana; Gioseffi, Massimiliano
OntoScene, a logic-based scene interpreter: implementation and application in the rock art domain 1-gen-2020 Briola, D; Mascardi, V; Gioseffi, M
OP-18 THE COMBINATION OF SCGOS/LCFOS AND FERMENTED INFANT FORMULA SOFTENS STOOLS OF INFANTS COMPARED TO UNFERMENTED INFANT FORMULA WITHOUT SCGOS/LCFOS 1-gen-2015 Herrera, Alfonso R; Ludwig, Thomas; Bouritius, Hetty; Rubio, Rocio P; Muñoz, Antonio; Agosti, Massimo; Lista, Gianluca; Corvaglia, Luigi T; Navero, Juan L P
OP2A - Assessing the Quality of the Portal of Open Source Software Products 1-gen-2011 Basilico, G.; Lavazza, LUIGI ANTONIO; Morasca, Sandro; Taibi, Davide; Tosi, Davide
OP2A: How to Improve the Quality of the Web Portal of Open Source Software Products 1-gen-2012 Lavazza, LUIGI ANTONIO; Morasca, Sandro; Taibi, Davide; Tosi, Davide
Mostrati risultati da 34.154 a 34.173 di 52.972
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