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Whole Exome Sequencing Study of Parkinson Disease and Related Endophenotypes in the Italian Population 1-gen-2020 Gialluisi, A; Reccia, Mg; Tirozzi, A; Nutile, T; Lombardi, A; De Sanctis, C; International Parkinson's Disease Genomic Consortium, (IPDGC); Varanese, S; Pietracupa, S; Modugno, N; Simeone, A; Ciullo, M; Esposito, T
Whole Genome Analysis of Amino Acid Variation During Acute Simian Immunodeficiency Virus Infection 1-gen-2001 D., O’Connor; T. M., Allen; B. R., Mothé; P., Jing; E., Dodds; E., Dunphy; Mortara, Lorenzo; J., Dzuris; A., Hughes; A., Sette; D. I., Watkins
Whole genome shuffling and fermentation media improvement as efficient tools for the rapid scaling up of production of drugs of microbial origin 1-gen-2009 Beltrametti, F.; Jovetic, S.; Marinelli, Flavia; Pedroli, M.
Whole genome SNP genotyping and exome sequencing reveal novel genetic variants and putative causative genes in congenital hyperinsulinism. 1-gen-2013 Proverbio, M. C.; Mangano, E.; Gessi, A.; Bordoni, R.; Spinelli, R.; Asselta, R.; Valin, P. S.; Di Candia, S.; Zamproni, I.; Diceglie, C.; Mora, S.; Caruso Nicoletti, M.; Salvatoni, Alessandro; De Bellis, G.; Battaglia, C.
Whole genome SNP genotyping and exome sequencing reveal novel genetic variants and putative causative genes in congenital hyperinsulinism 1-gen-2013 M. C., Proverbio; E., Mangano; A., Gessi; R., Bordoni; R., Spinelli; R., Asselta; SOGNO VALIN, Paola; S., Di Candia; I., Zamproni; C., Diceglie; S., Mora; M., Caruso Nicoletti; C., Battaglia; G., Chiumello; G., De Bellis; Salvatoni, Alessandro
Whole lipid profile and not only HDL cholesterol is impaired in children with coexisting type 1 diabetes and untreated celiac disease. 1-gen-2017 Salardi, S; Maltoni, G; Zucchini, S; Iafusco, D; Zanfardino, A; Confetto, S; Toni, S; Zioutas, M; Marigliano, M; Cauvin, V; Franceschi, R; Rabbone, I; Predieri, B; Schiaffini, R; Salvatoni, Alessandro
Whole-blood fatty acids and inflammation in European children: the IDEFICS Study 1-gen-2016 Gonzalez Gil, Em; Santabarbara, J; Siani, A; Ahrens, W; Sioen, I; Eiben, G; Gunther, K; Iacoviello, Licia; Molnar, D; Rise, P; Russo, P; Tornaritis, M; Veidebaum, T; Galli, C; Moreno, La
Wholesale Pricing When Buyers Are Asymmetric Cournot Competitors 1-gen-2006 Colangelo, Giuseppe
Why and how much the Brouwer's Fixed Point Theorem fails in noncompact setting? 1-gen-2010 Casini, EMANUELE GIUSEPPE; Goebel, K.
Why are many anthropogenic agroecosystems particularly species-rich? 1-gen-2016 Cerabolini, BRUNO ENRICO LEONE; Pierce, S.; Verginella, A.; Brusa, Guido; Ceriani, R. M.; Armiraglio, S.
Why biotechnologies are important 1-gen-2009 Onetti, Alberto
Why can't Igive you my organs after my heart has stopped beating?" An overview of the main clinical, organisational, ethical and legal issues concerning organ donation after circulatory death in Italy 1-gen-2016 Giannini, Alberto; Abelli, Massimo; Azzoni, Giampaolo; Biancofiore, Gianni; Citterio, Franco; Geraci, Paolo; Latronico, Nicola; Picozzi, Mario; Procaccio, Francesco; Riccioni, Luigi; Rigotti, Paolo; Valenza, Franco; Vesconi, Sergio; Zamperetti, Nereo
Why did the slope at Cavargna Valley Sackung (N Italy) start moving? Preliminary results on causative/triggering mechanisms 1-gen-2014 Livio, Franz; A., Zerboni; Castelletti, Lanfredo; M., Tremari; D., Mazzola; R., Amit
Why Do Developers Adopt Open Source Software? Past, Present and Future 1-gen-2019 Lenarduzzi, Valentina; Tosi, Davide; Lavazza, LUIGI ANTONIO; Morasca, Sandro
Why do monetary policies matter? An experimental study of saving and inflation in an overlapping generations model 1-gen-2000 Bernasconi, Michele; Oliver, Kirchkamp
Why do People from Southern Italy Search Jobs in the Public Sector? 1-gen-2003 Pagani, Laura
Why e-procurement does not work in small and medium enterprises (SMEs): some insights form an italian case 1-gen-2009 Biffi, Alfredo; Sacco, Francesco
Why genes overlap in viruses 1-gen-2010 Chirico, Nicola; Vianelli, Alberto; Belshaw, R.
Why monitor the recurrent laryngeal nerve in thyroid surgery? 1-gen-2010 Dionigi, Gianlorenzo; Barczynski, M.; Chiang, F. Y.; Dralle, H.; Duran Poveda, M.; Iacobone, M.; Lombardi, C. P.; Materazzi, G.; Mihai, R.; Randolph, G. W.; Sitges Serra, A.
Why Newton’s absolute space-time is not so absolute and Einstein’s relative space time is not so relative 1-gen-2014 Musso, Paolo
Mostrati risultati da 48.098 a 48.117 di 48.350
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