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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
The Increasing Importance of Photographic-Based Apps for Goniometry 1-gen-2015 Ferriero, G; Di Carlo, S; Sartorio, F; Vercelli, S
The indefinite usage of uomo, 'man', in early Italo-Romance. Grammaticalization and areality 1-gen-2007 ANNA GIACALONE, Ramat; Sanso', Andrea
The INDEX-PM project: health risks from exposure to indoor particulate matter 1-gen-2010 Arvanitis, A.; Kotzias, D.; Kephalopoulos, S.; Carrer, P.; Cavallo, DOMENICO MARIA GUIDO; Cesaroni, G.; De Brouwere, K.; De Oliveira Fernandes, E.; Forastiere, F.; Fossati, S.; Fromme, H.; Haverinen Shaughnessy, U.; Jantunen, M.; Katsouyanni, K.; Kettrup, A.; Madureira, J.; Mandin, C.; Molhave, L.; Nevalainen, A.; Ruggeri, L.; Schneider, T.; Samoli, E.; Silva, G.
The Indiana MAS project: Goals and preliminary results 1-gen-2012 Mascardi, V; Briola, D; Locoro, A; Martelli, M; Ancona, M; Deufemia, V; Paolino, L; Tortora, G; Francese, R; Polese, G
The industrial district of Lecco: innovation and transformation processes 1-gen-1994 Garofoli, Gioacchino
THE INFLUENCE OF CARDIAC RESYNCHRONIZATION THERAPY IN CHRONIC HEART FAILURE ON RESPIRATORY PROFILE AND AUTONOMIC MODULATION 1-gen-2010 Styczkiewicz, K; Czarnecka, D; Kusiak, A; Wilinski, J; Wojciechowska, W; Kloch-Badelek, M; Bacior, B; Castiglioni, P; Kawecka-Jaszcz, K
The influence of comorbidities and complications on discharge function in stroke rehabilitation inpatients 1-gen-2006 Ferriero, G; Franchignoni, F; Benevolo, E; Ottonello, M; Scocchi, M; Xanthi, M.
The influence of dietary education in diabetic children. 1-gen-1990 Lorini, R.; Ciriaco, O.; Salvatoni, Alessandro; Livieri, C.; Larizza, D.; D'Annunzio, G.
The influence of gender in the evaluation of platelet and plasma catecholamines. 1-gen-1993 Martignoni, EMILIA SILVANA; Blandini, F; MELZI D'ERIL, Gv; D'Andrea, G; Sances, G; Costa, A; Nappi, G.
The influence of high rearing density on physiological stress response in sea bass Dicentrarchus labrax (L) 1-gen-2003 Terova, Genciana; Caricato, G; Saroglia, Marco
The influence of magma pressure, regional tectonics and rheological contrast in the host rocks, on the emplacement of a sheet-laccolith system in SE Iceland 1-gen-2007 PASQUARE' MARIOTTO, FEDERICO ALIGI; Tibaldi, A.
The influence of pituitary, adrenal, and parathyroid hormones on hemostasis and thrombosis. 1-gen-2011 Squizzato, Alessandro; Van Zaane, B; Gerdes, Ve; Büller, Hr
The influence of proton induced grana formation on partial electron transport reactions in chloroplasts 1-gen-1979 Jennings, R. C.; Gerola, Paolo; Forti, G.; Garlaschi, F. M.
The influence of regional tectonic structures on magma ascent and emplacement in the Tancitaro Volcanic District (Mexico). 1-gen-2005 PASQUARE' MARIOTTO, FEDERICO ALIGI
The influence of slope on Spartium junceum root system: morphological, anatomical and biomechanical adaptation 1-gen-2017 Lombardi, Fabio; Scippa, G. S.; Lasserre, B.; Montagnoli, A.; Tognetti, R.; Marchetti, M.; Chiatante, D.
The influence of steep slopes on root system development 1-gen-2002 Chiatante, Donato; Scippa, S. G.; DI IORIO, Antonino; Sarnataro, M.
The influence of the preparation methods, Cu loading and Si/Al atomic ratio on the NO decomposition activity of Cu-ZSM-5 catalysts EUROPACAT-IV, Sept. 5-10, 1999 Rimini (Italy) 1-gen-1999 G., Moretti; Dossi, Carlo; A., Fusi; Recchia, Sandro; R., Psaro
The initial phase of oral anticoagulation with warfarin in outpatients with deep venous thrombosis. 1-gen-2003 Ageno, Walter; Steidl, L; Ultori, C; Dentali, Francesco; Marchesi, C; Mera, V; Squizzato, Alessandro; Venco, A.
The Innovation in the Pharmaceutical Sector: the Role of the Framework Programmes in the Financing of Innovative Projects 1-gen-2007 Pavione, Enrica
Mostrati risultati da 48.098 a 48.117 di 52.806
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