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Industrie agrarie, latte, derivati e vino 1-gen-1989 Bossini, A; DI GUARDO, Antonio; Manini, M.
Ecotossicologia 1-gen-1991 Calamari, D; DI GUARDO, Antonio; Finizio, A.
Different approaches for the evaluation of Kow for s-triazine herbicides 1-gen-1991 Finizio, A; DI GUARDO, Antonio; Arnoldi, A; Vighi, M; Fanelli, R.
Mass-spectrometry-derived data as possible predictive method for environmental persistence of organic molecules 1-gen-1992 Tremolada, P; DI GUARDO, Antonio; Calamari, D; Davoli, E; Fanelli, R.
Application of Simple partitioning Models in Hazard assessment,, Lewis Publishers, Boca Raton, FL, USA 1-gen-1993 Calamari, D; DI GUARDO, Antonio
Improved RP-HPLC Determination of Kow for Some Chloroaromatic Chemicals Using Molecular Connectivity Indices 1-gen-1994 A, Finizio; DI GUARDO, A.; Vighi, M.
Simulation of Pesticide Runoff at Rosemaund Farm (UK) Using the SoilFug Model 1-gen-1994 DI GUARDO, Antonio; Williams, R. J.; Matthiessen, P.; Brooke, D. N.; Calamari, D.
A fugacity model of pesticide runoff to surface water: development and validation 1-gen-1994 DI GUARDO, Antonio; Calamari, DAVIDE ANDREA; Zanin, G.; Consalter, A.; Mackay, D.
Chlorinated hydrocarbons in pine needles in Europe: fingerprint for the past and recent use 1-gen-1994 Calamari, DAVIDE ANDREA; Tremolada, P; DI GUARDO, Antonio; Vighi, M.
The Multi-Media Fate Model: A Vital Tool for Predicting the Fate of Chemicals, 1-gen-1995 Cowan, C. E.; Mackay, D; Feijtel, T. C. J.; VAN DE MEENT, D; DI GUARDO, Antonio; Davies, J; MACKAY N., Eds
Organochlorines in the Great Lakes Ecosystem: Sources, Partitioning, and Control 1-gen-1995 Mackay, D; DI GUARDO, Antonio
Predictive Approaches for the Evaluation of Pesticide Exposure 1-gen-1995 Vighi, M; DI GUARDO, Antonio
Prediction of Surface Water Input of Chloridazon and Chlorpyrifos from an Agricultural Watershed in Chile 1-gen-1995 Barra, R; Vighi, M; DI GUARDO, Antonio
Prediction of surface water input of chloridazon and chlorpyrifos from an agricultural watershed in Chile 1-gen-1995 Barra, R.; Vighi, M.; Di Guardo, A.
Assessing the Fate of New and Existing Chemicals: a Five Stage Process 1-gen-1996 Mackay, D.; DI GUARDO, Antonio; Paterson, S.; Kicsi, G.; Cowan, C. E.
Evaluating the Environmental Fate of a Variety of Types of Chemicals Using the EQC Model 1-gen-1996 Mackay, D.; DI GUARDO, Antonio; Paterson, S.; Cowan, C. E.
Assessment of Chemical Fate in the Environment Using Evaluative, Regional and Local-Scale Models: Illustrative Application to Chlorobenzene and Linear Alkylbenzene Sulfonates 1-gen-1996 Mackay, D; DI GUARDO, Antonio; Paterson, S; Kicsi, G; Cowan, C. E.; Kane, D. M.
Toxics Release Inventories: Opportunities for Improved Presentation and Interpretation 1-gen-1996 Jia, C. Q.; DI GUARDO, Antonio; Mackay, D.
Environmental Modelling: progress and prospects 1-gen-1997 Mackay, D; DI GUARDO, Antonio; Hickie, B; Webster, E.
Multimedia Modelling of air-sea exchange 1-gen-1997 DI GUARDO, Antonio; D., Calamari; Gramatica, Paola; R., Todeschini
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