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Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 3
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US - Stati Uniti d'America 769
IT - Italia 192
DE - Germania 189
VN - Vietnam 95
RU - Federazione Russa 94
CN - Cina 64
CZ - Repubblica Ceca 38
GB - Regno Unito 26
IE - Irlanda 19
CA - Canada 16
IN - India 15
FR - Francia 14
JP - Giappone 14
UA - Ucraina 11
NL - Olanda 8
PL - Polonia 7
ID - Indonesia 6
IR - Iran 6
TW - Taiwan 6
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IL - Israele 1
KR - Corea 1
KW - Kuwait 1
LA - Repubblica Popolare Democratica del Laos 1
LU - Lussemburgo 1
LY - Libia 1
MK - Macedonia 1
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MX - Messico 1
NP - Nepal 1
OM - Oman 1
TN - Tunisia 1
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Athens 1
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Blumentritt 1
Bogotá 1
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Brockport 1
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Cagliari 1
Ceska 1
Chennai 1
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Chiclayo 1
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Columbus 1
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Nome #
Treatment of emothorax from penetrating and contusive trauma. A single institute experience of 135 cases., file e2188be5-febd-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 338
Serotonin Trasporter Tracks Similarities Between Sids And Idiopathic Alte, file e2188be6-0233-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 140
Chronic Myeloid Leukemia: Molecular Monitoring of Residual Disease by Genomic DNA Compared to Conventional mRNA Analysis in Follow-Ups up to 8 Years, file e2188be6-02b6-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 137
Novel recurrent chromosome anomalies in Shwachman Diamond syndrome, file e2188be6-d768-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 123
The MHC-II transactivator CIITA, a viral restriction factor inhibiting the replication of Human T cell Lymphotropic virus type 1., file e2188be6-00ef-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 104
MHC class II transactivator CIITA inhibits Tax-2-mediated HTLV-2 LTR transactivation and viral replication by binding to and affecting Tax-2 intracellular localization, file e2188be6-00f0-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 101
Enterovirus genomes in the blood of children with T1DM at disease onset and one year later, file e2188be6-01cb-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 77
Role of hyaluronan-CD44 complexes in regulation of growth factor receptor activity and in tumor progression, file e2188be6-0214-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 65
Il taccheggio: furto o che altro? Shoplifting: theft or what else?, file e2188be6-0055-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 53
Studies on the Post-Translational Modification of Hyaluronan Synthases (HAS), file e2188be6-0211-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 47
The MHC class II transactivator (CIITA): a "physiologic" drug against HIV-1 replication, file e2188be6-00f4-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 35
The molecular and cellular basis of tumor rejection after vaccination with mammary adenocarcinoma cells transduced with the MHC class II transactivator CIITA, file e2188be6-00f5-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 35
Poliovirus infection of prion-deficient neuronal cells, file e2188be6-01db-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 34
A dual defensive role of CIITA against retroviral infections, file e2188be6-016e-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 33
3D culture of multipotent cells derived from waste human ovarian follicular liquid and seeded onto gelatin cryogel, file e2188be6-0494-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 28
Enterovirus infection and low Treg function: two possible biomarkers of progression to autoimmune T1D., file e2188be6-0272-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 18
Delta opioid receptor activation in cortical neurons in vitro, file e2188be6-0028-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 16
Hepatitis C virus genotyping: correlation between real-time PCR and probe hybridization assays, file e2188be6-01da-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 14
Kidney, kidney-pancreas and liver-kidney transplantation in HIV infected individuals: the Italian experience, file e2188be6-0061-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 13
The responsibilities of an health volunteer rescuer: ethical and medical-legal considerations, file e2188be6-00aa-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 13
Persistence of poliovirus type 1 genome in patients with the post-polio syndrome, file e2188be6-01dc-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 13
Structure and function: the fibrillar crimps of the sclera., file e2188be6-0182-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 12
Enterovirus genome and infectivity in peripheral blood leukocytes of children at the clinical onset of type 1 diabetes. Diabetologia, 2012; 55:S43., file e2188be6-0274-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 12
Is there a link between pain chronification, and allodynia and vitamin D deficiency in headache?, file e2188be8-0a8b-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 12
Biomonitoring of metal oxide nanoparticles in stainless steel welders, file e2188be8-2195-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 12
Enterovirus genomes in the blood of children with T1DM at disease onset and one year later, file e2188be6-01ca-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 11
Persistence of the poliovirus genome in the cerebrospinal fluid of patients affected by post-polio syndrome, file e2188be6-01d9-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 11
Novel evidence of karyotype instability in Shwachman Diamond Syndrome, file e2188be7-40f8-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 11
A dual defensive role of CIITA against retroviral infections, file e2188be6-016f-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 10
The fibrillar crimps of the sclera, file e2188be6-01f9-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 10
The MHC class II transactivator (CIITA): a physiologic inhibitor of HTLV-2 retroviral infection., file e2188be6-00f6-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 9
Ultrastructural aspects of mineralization-induced modifications in turkey tendon., file e2188be6-04f4-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 9
Intrafamilial spread of enterovirus infections at the time of clinical onset of type 1 diabetes., file e2188be6-0273-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 8
TTV GUIDE IT - A randomised controlled trial to compare the safety, tolerability and preliminary efficacy between standard and torque teno virus-guided immunosuppression in stable adult kidney transplant recipients with low immunological risk in the first year after transplantation - a trial protocol, file e2188be8-1224-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 8
Primary surface faulting across the Roman Theatre at Berniki, Sea of Galilee: new archaeoseismic and structural data, file e2188be6-8edb-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 6
Otx2 And VegfA Expression And P53-Otx1 Differentiation Pathway In Proliferative Vitreoretinopathy, file e2188be7-0eaf-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 6
Evaluation Of Retinal Thickness In Young Patients With Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus, file e2188be7-0eb1-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 6
EANM'16 - Annual Congress of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine October 15 – 19, 2016 Barcelona, Spai, file e2188be7-1f48-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 6
SoLute Carrier (SLC) genes expression along the rostro-caudal axis of adult teleost fish gut: a publicly available datasets analysis, file e2188be7-b3aa-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 6
Genetic survey of endemic Sardinian trout (Salmo trutta macrostigma) populations from SIC Foresta Monte Arcosu Natural Reserve: implications for future conservation effort., file 065b7fdd-4925-49b3-bda6-510b04ff287f 5
Experimental Score Grading Scale For Anti VEGF Retreatment Decision In Exudative AMD, file e2188be7-0418-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 5
I-retina Project: Integration Between Ophthalmologists To Sustain Retina Health Care, file e2188be7-0eab-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 5
Non Responder Patients To Ranibizumab Therapy In AMD: Baseline Lesion Characteristics And Visual Function, file e2188be7-0ead-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 5
Supramolecular organization of water–ethanol solution in ferrierite under pressure, file f0d4d40f-f5e2-4bf7-8b13-a2b4e37c710b 5
Scanning Electron Microscope and Epiretinal Membranes in Vitreoretinal Surgery, file e2188be7-0e3f-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 4
Diversity in proton movement and coupling to substrate in vertebrate PepT1 proteins: filling the gaps through the 'phylogenetic' approach, file e2188be7-b4d8-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 4
Functional analysis, properties and kinetics of a PepT2-type di/tripeptide transporter of the Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) highly expressed in midgut and hindgut, file e2188be7-b539-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 4
Exposure assessment to atmospheric pollutants in different working conditions: WFO (Working from Office) versus WFH (Working from Home), file e2188be8-22e9-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 4
Physical rehabilitation approach for retaining health care workers suffering from musculoskeletal disorders, file 07c61d5d-ae97-49fa-998b-da542a2844b3 3
Funerary rite and body treatment in the ancient town of Adulis, Eritrea., file 19f7710e-2f8f-4277-84ff-4a172c9b22e7 3
Strange remains in strange places: diagnostic criteria to identify teratomas, file 6073e86e-2a4a-4eca-9a96-951d646c995a 3
Burials in the Horn of Africa. New data from the latest archaeological campaign in Adulis, Eritrea, file a0a006a5-d35e-4298-85a5-dc21b8a91ad9 3
OCT Imaging Measurement Analysis Tool: First Results on Clinical Application, file e2188be5-fb9b-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 3
Refraction and Strabismus Evaluation in Preterm Infants With and Without Retinopathy of Prematurity, file e2188be7-041c-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 3
Diagnostic performance and complications of 396 EBUS-TBNA procedures performed under bronchoscopist-directed conscious sedation, file e2188be7-1626-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 3
Slc15a1 transporters in teleosts fish: PepT1a and PepT1b, comparative functional studies, file e2188be7-43d2-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 3
Seasonal influenza vaccination in health care workers and students. survey in a large italian university hospital, file 099d2326-e3e5-4eb9-ad56-cbad33d86d9d 2
Anthropological and paleopathological analysis of the human remains from a medieval church in Valcuvia (Varese, Northwester Italy), file 2ec86f94-dc7a-430b-a22b-d7871c582af1 2
18 th conference of the German Ichthyological Society (GfI), file 85cbc56a-2282-420b-887f-0afb4e0d9a88 2
The molecular basis of the inhibition of HTLV-2 retroviral replication by the MHC class II transactivator (CIITA), file e2188be6-0171-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 2
Progetto MULAN: esposizione occupazionale a nanoparticelle ingegnerizzate, file e2188be6-a3d2-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 2
Valutazione della qualità dell'aria in uffici moderni nell'ambito del progetto Officair, file e2188be6-aa89-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 2
The byssus threads of Pinna nobilis: a histochemical and ultrastructural study, file e2188be6-ded4-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 2
Expression Of VEGF-A Gene In Normal Retina And In PVR Retina, file e2188be7-0416-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 2
Twelve months evaluation of idiopathic macular hole surgery: outer retinal layers recomposition and visual recovery., file e2188be7-0e2e-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 2
Evolution of vitreoretinal modification after posterior vitreous detachment (PVD) and clinical management, file e2188be7-0e41-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 2
Retreatment protocol evaluation for macular edema secondary to Retinal Vein Occlusion, file e2188be7-0e46-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 2
OCT study of macular structure after vitreoretinal surgery for rhegmatogenous retinal detachment, file e2188be7-0e49-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 2
Treatment of Retinal Angiomatous Proliferation with Intravitreal Anti-VEGF Drugs in Real Life Practice, file e2188be7-0ea2-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 2
25-gauge 2 port minimal vitrectomy in selected rhegmatogenous retinal detachment patients, file e2188be7-0ea4-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 2
Evaluation Of Functional And Morphological Parameters In Patients With RVO Treated With Intravitreal Steroid Implant, file e2188be7-0ea9-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 2
Bevacizumab Versus Ranibizumab For Age Related Macular Degeneration: 1-year Outcomes Of An Interventional Study, file e2188be7-0eb4-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 2
Combined treatment with Anti-Vegf and Perforating Keratoplasty in Neovascularized Corneas, file e2188be7-0eb6-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 2
Submacular Choroidal Thickness Evaluation After Laser Photocoagulation For Diabetic Retinopathy, file e2188be7-0eb8-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 2
Visual Acuity And Retinal Sensibility Before And After Surgery For Macular Diseases: A New “Intraretinal Study” with OCT-MAT Software, file e2188be7-0ebb-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 2
Evaluation of the inhaled dose across different microenvironments, file e2188be7-3072-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 2
Monoglycerides of short- and medium- chain fatty acids: effects on growth performances and gut microbiota of gilthead sea bream (Sparus aurata)., file e2188be7-3208-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 2
Black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens) larvae meal as a dietary protein source for rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss): effects on allochthonous and autochthonous gut microbial communities., file e2188be7-36c6-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 2
Expression studies in patients with Shwachman Diamond syndrome in relation to clonal chromosome anomalies in bone marrow, file e2188be7-40f6-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 2
Evaluation of Personal Exposure to Air Pollutants and Estimation of the Inhaled Dose for Commuters in the Urban Area of Milan, Italy, file e2188be7-47fe-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 2
Evidence for enterovirus infection in the blood of children with type 1 diabetes, file e2188be7-de7f-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 2
The hidden interface of the articular cartilage, file e33ee28b-a7a9-44c0-b092-095b1bf4216e 2
Marcatori muscolo-scheletrici, interpretazione di un gruppo umano del VI d.C. La chiesa dei Santi Ippolito e Cassiano a Riva del Garda (Trentino-Alto Adige, Italia), file 08dc02b1-92bb-474b-8c7e-c00822bd79e2 1
Adipose tissue of the face. It is everywhere the same?, file 0d9235e8-e0a7-4997-8bc2-0dc3491e1507 1
Biomechanical and kinesiological analyses of a femur fracture in paleopathology: reconstruction of injury mechanisms, care and functional outcomes, file 2538b740-b20b-424a-89d1-a0e974d0e907 1
Pathological evidences from medieval samples. The subjects of Saint Pietro and Paolo church in Brentonico, file 3558e094-37ce-4f07-aa4f-4ee1ec6d4af5 1
Locus parvulorum, children’s pathology of the Saint Mary Nativity church of Segno (Trentino), file 4ceb3e26-2d8b-4b6a-90d6-229041c3181b 1
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde: the bipolar nature of the epiphyseal plate, file 5cac9b78-10fc-4b7e-a948-ae1c66dbf3b9 1
Un probabile caso di paraplegia all'ombra dell'epidemia di tifo in Centro Italia, file 61fa85ce-c583-4521-906f-cd80c8bb9cb8 1
A probable case of Skeletal Fluorosis from the medieval church of “Dell’Assunta”, Smarano, Trento, northeastern Italy, file 65b823b2-98b8-4671-8bae-d86bfd24dabc 1
Mesenchymal stem cell-conditioned medium promotes vascularization of nanostructured scaffold transplanted into nude mice: a morphological study, file 9baae6d6-a183-418e-a2c5-30249269be45 1
Mortui viventes docent. L'esposizione di resti umani tra storia, etica e antropologia, file 9cfd2c89-1585-4326-9376-26461a41dd88 1
Late Quaternary displacement and mechanical behaviour of the Paganica and Fossa Faults during the April, 6th, 2009 Mw 6.3 l'Aquila earthquake inferred from shallow geophysical data, file e2188be5-ff0b-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 1
Ground effects of the Ml 5.2, November 24, 2004, Salò earthquake, Northern Italy, and the seismic hazard of the western Southern Alps., file e2188be5-ff12-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 1
Effectiveness of chest X-ray screening for lung cancer in smokers. A population-based cohort study in Varese, Italy., file e2188be5-ff44-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 1
HTLV-II Tax-2 increases the cell surface expression of HLA-II molecules by acting at the level of CIITA, the master regulator of HLA-II transcription, file e2188be6-016c-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 1
The MHC-II transactivator CIITA inhibits Tat-mediated HIV-1 LTR transactivation and virus replication in human U937 monocytic cells, file e2188be6-0195-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 1
Molecular and Cellular Correlates of the CIITA-Mediated Inhibition of HTLV-2 Tax-2 Transactivator Function Resulting in Loss of Viral Replication., file e2188be6-0287-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 1
0257 Mortality and morbidity health impact assessment of expected exposure to PM10 due to the major construction site for a large international exhibition0257 Mortality and morbidity health impact assessment of expected exposure to PM10 due to the major construction site for a large international exhibition, file e2188be6-03ab-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 1
Inquinanti indoor e parametri infiammatori nell’esalato condensato di lavoratori d’ufficio. Risultati dallo studio di intervento del progetto OFFICAIR, file e2188be6-0411-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 1
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2019/2020340 25141635 2518 2932 28307216
2020/2021314 11301928 3519 1912 27163266
2021/2022431 38331556 7312 2237 21177928
2022/2023242 13306148 3525 2010 0000
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