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Nome #
Emerging topics in italian forensic psychopathology: foreign criminality and cross-cultural assessment, file e2188be6-02d6-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 398
The "Beasts of Satan" Murders, file e2188be6-01b9-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 206
Indoor Air Quality in Bank Offices, file e2188be6-036f-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 176
Airborne particulate matter in school classrooms of Northern Italy, file e2188be6-036e-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 129
Evaluation of municipal waste incineration impact on environmental noise, file e2188be6-00cc-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 81
47, XYY Karyotype and Deviance: A Case Report, file e2188be6-034b-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 52
Application Of A Decision Support System For The SustainablePlanning Of Rio Pojuca Basin (Bahia, Brazil) Water Resources, file e2188be6-00bd-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 48
Multicultural approach to forensic psychiatric assessment on foreign criminal offense committers. An emerging issue displayed through a case report, file e2188be6-0057-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 46
The choking game: A deadly game. Analysis of two cases of self strangulation in young boys, file e2188be6-02d2-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 44
Joint Interactive Visualization of 3D Models and Pictures in Walkable Scenes, file e2188be6-01de-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 43
Normal Enhancement for Interactive Non-photorealistic Rendering, file e2188be5-f8d8-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 41
Gene expression profiling to improve prognostic characterization of olfactory neuroblastoma and to define new targetable pathways, file e2188be7-f9d7-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 40
null, file e2188be5-fdb9-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 36
III Convegno Italiano sui Chirotteri, file e2188be6-d283-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 21
Prospettive d'indagine sulla vittima di atti persecutori alla luce del recente inquadramento normativo, file e2188be6-02d8-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 20
The "Beasts of Satan" murders, file e2188be6-0056-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 16
Rischio occupazionale e olfattometria dinamica: proposta di un metodo per la valutazione del rischio per gli esaminatori coinvolti nelle analisi olfattometriche, file e2188be7-f25c-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 14
Geological and Geophysical Approaches for the Definition of the Areas Prone to Liquefaction and for the Identification and Characterization of Paloeliquefaction Phenomena, the Case of the 2012 Emilia Epicentral Area, ItalyEngineering Geology for Society and Territory - Volume 5, file e2188be6-03c6-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 12
Marc Bloch, file e2188be8-032b-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 12
La valutazione psichiatrico-forense del cittadino straniero autore di reato, file e2188be6-0343-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 11
Le jeux du foulard: segnalazione di un caso e analisi della letteratura, file e2188be6-034d-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 11
Microenvironment-mediated regulation of cancer growth by the human RNASET2 oncosuppressor gene, file e2188be8-1215-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 11
Information scarcity and strategic decision making in SME, file e2188be5-fa3f-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 9
Characterization of Soil Organic Matter along an elevation gradient at Stelvio Pass (Italian Alps), file e2188be8-280c-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 9
Is Betaine a substrate also for GABA transporter 1 (GAT1)?, file e2188be8-29f4-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 9
Smart working and personal exposure to air pollutants, file 2266a7cc-0273-42d4-a5ed-354e02caa65a 8
Che cosa c'è di nuovo. Riparazione dell'ernia inguinale in a Day Surgery, file e2188be7-112f-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 8
A Model of Como (N Italy) Urban Subsurface: A Multidisciplinary Tool for Hydraulic, Hydrogeologic and Subsidence Risk ManagementEngineering Geology for Society and Territory - Volume 5, file e2188be6-03c5-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 7
Effect of a specific composition of short- and medium- chain fatty acid 1-Monoglycerides on growth performances and gut microbiota of gilthead sea bream (Sparus aurata)., file e2188be7-1401-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 7
The choking game: A deadly game. Analysis of two cases of self strangulation in young boys, file e2188be6-02d3-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 6
Development and validation of a safe procedure to scale-up hazardous chemical processes, file e2188be6-02ef-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 6
Olfattometria dinamica e salubrità del panel, file e2188be8-17c6-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 5
The role of political communication in constructing cyber places: some insights from Lecce (Italy) and Galway (Ireland), file e2188be8-2650-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 5
Family Firms through the Eyes of Private Equities, file e2188be6-1c90-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 4
Spatial and indoor/outdoor gradients in urban concentrations of PM2.5 mass and ultrafine particles, file e2188be6-a500-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 4
The Human RNASET2 gene as a key component in the microenvironmental control of cancer growth, file e2188be6-d3e3-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 4
Articulatory trade-offs between voicing and vowel height in (post)alveolar fricatives. A multi-level phonetic study., file e2188be7-f058-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 4
Valutazione della qualità dell’aria nelle cucine di ristoranti, file e2188be8-384c-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 4
Chemistry at the Entrances of Zeolite L Nanochannels, file 3a9e8b60-4957-4668-bcec-52a945488d62 3
TLR2 expression in medicinal leech, file e2188be7-1d85-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 3
Effects of Combined Administration of Entomopathogenic Bacteria to Drosophila suzukii Larvae, file e2188be7-d842-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 3
Occupational exposure of olfactometric examiners: possible solutions for the risk assessment, file e2188be7-eeca-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 3
Being Smart: A new challenge for Italian Cities, file e2188be8-19c1-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 3
Do “tourists consume and destroy”? The perception of tourism before and during COVID-19 in Salento, file e2188be8-19c4-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 3
Do “tourists consume and destroy”? The perception of tourism before and during COVID-19 in Salento, file e2188be8-1a66-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 3
Cassano Irpino: esempio di ricostruzione dopo il terremoto del 1980, file e2188be8-1f4b-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 3
The role of political communication in constructing cyber places: some insights from Lecce (Italy) and Galway (Ireland), file e2188be8-247d-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 3
Plant responses to CoeLux® lighting system, file e2188be8-2777-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 3
Smartworking ed esposizione a particolato atmosferico, file e2188be8-36f2-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 3
Il monitoraggio della qualità dell’aria negli ambienti indoor: echi e tendenze da progetti internazionali, file e2188be8-384a-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 3
Monitorización in-line de la fermentación alcohólica mediante un espectrofotómetro Raman portátil, file e2188be8-3956-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 3
Plants responses to a new biophilic lighting system, file 1087c241-f912-4b6d-a508-07b8d316e6b1 2
Molecular wires confined in zeolite L channels for an effective transport of electronic excitation energy: a synchrotron structural study., file dcb004a6-6f43-4420-8b63-a79f843037fd 2
Macroseismic investigation of the 2012 Po Plain sequence using the ESI2007 scale, and comparison with the MCS scale, file e2188be6-0235-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 2
Characterization of toxic trace metals in size-segregated fine and ultrafine particles within an urban environment, file e2188be6-a433-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 2
DNMT3A is required for reversible DNA methylation variations during epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) in PC3 prostate cancer cells induced by cancer-associated fibroblast derived from patients with aggressive prostatic carcinoma, file e2188be6-c9ff-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 2
The pleiotropic roles of the human RNASET2 tumor suppressor gene, file e2188be7-1521-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 2
L’impatto dell’investimento in politiche di sviluppo sostenibile (Environmental management practices EMPs) sulla performance delle imprese dell’ospitalità, file e2188be7-4ae1-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 2
Esposizione ad inquinanti traffico-correlati all’interno dell’abitacolo di autoveicoli: studio dell’impatto del veicolo precedente mediante analisi multivariata, file e2188be8-3933-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 2
Gli effetti ambientali del terremoto di Casamicciola (Isola d’Ischia) del 21 agosto 2017: un contributo alla definizione del modello sismogenetico per la valutazione del rischio sismico., file 0d18dd23-b0b9-483f-a4da-0016f4cb7166 1
Environmental DNA as a Non-Invasive Sampling Tool to Detect the Spawning Distribution of European Anadromous Shads (Alosa spp.), file 859a9bfb-7138-4ccc-830e-60fa104768d6 1
In a Nutshell: Perceptron Connectives in Knowledge Representation, file 8d8e9516-9fe3-4fcc-bda9-1ca2db198b3a 1
Geological map of Valenza-Montecastello area: new field constraints for the Oligocene-Quaternary tectono-stratigraphic evolution of the eastern Monferrato (NW Italy), file 90189eab-f6af-42d6-a6bb-5af550c191c0 1
Toward molecular wires confined in zeolite channels for an effective transport of electronic excitation energy, file cbd80a4d-4e2c-4d8d-b4ee-54e03d3159a2 1
Virtual Past Socio-Environmental Systems: An interdisciplinary ECR workshop, file e1bf9a52-6210-4ba6-8d8b-a45bda952f1e 1
Towards a new procedure for identifying causes of health and comfort problems in office buildings, file e2188be5-f855-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 1
Estratigrafia y deformationes synsedimentarias en sedimentos glaciolacustres del Pleistoceno medio, area de Alebese con Cassano (Alpes Meridionales, Norte de Italia) y posible evidencia de paleosismicidad, file e2188be5-ff19-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 1
null, file e2188be5-ff3a-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 1
Adaptive grids and the entropy error indicator, file e2188be6-01e3-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 1
Individual exposure to size-fractionated particulate matter and carbon monoxide in selected micro-environments of the urban area of Milan. Abstract Number: 5053 | ID: P-3-04-12., file e2188be6-036d-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 1
UHRF1-miRNAs modulate Dnmt3a expression in prostate transformed cells, file e2188be6-2c03-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 1
L'influence des oevres de Foderé sur la pensée des premiers professeurs universitaires de médecine légale en Italie, file e2188be6-8d2a-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 1
Flesh quality of rainbow trout fed from first feeding until large size a totally plant-based diet., file e2188be6-bdd5-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 1
The starch metabolism of Beech (Fagus sylvatica) seedling fine roots, file e2188be6-cebf-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 1
Diversity trends of bryophytes in Antarctica are the result of adaptation, evolution and survival (including cryptobiosis): the case study of the phylogeny of Bryum argenteum, file e2188be7-2bd4-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 1
Il suicidio nel territorio varesino: un'analisi statistica, file e2188be7-3425-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 1
The role of distal deictic tam in expressing irrealis modality in spoken Russian, file e2188be7-3d8b-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 1
BLOOD CLOT INTO LEFT ATRIAL APPENDAGE, WHAT STRATEGY COULD WE CHOOSE?, file e2188be7-eac2-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 1
Aspetti metodologici del monitoraggio ambientale ad agenti cancerogeni, file e2188be7-f8b0-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 1
Determinazione del cromo esavalente in campioni di particolato: proposta di un approccio alternativo validato e applicato al settore conciario, file e2188be8-384e-4564-e053-6605fe0a49d6 1
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