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Permafrost-glacial evolution during the Holocene in the Italian Central Alps 1-gen-2001 Guglielmin, Mauro; Cannone, Nicoletta; Dramis, F.
The impact of recent glacier fluctuation and human activities on the permafrost distribution: a case study from Stelvio Pass (Italian Central-Eastern Alps 1-gen-2003 Cannone, Nicoletta; Guglielmin, Mauro; Hauck, C.; VONDER MUHLL, D.
Vegetation and permafrost: sensitive systems for the development of a monitoring program of climate change along an Antarctic transect 1-gen-2003 Cannone, Nicoletta; Guglielmin, Mauro
Relationships between vegetation patterns and periglacial landforms in northwestern Svalbard 1-gen-2004 Cannone, Nicoletta; Guglielmin, Mauro; Gerdol, R.
Biotic and Abiotic Processes on Granite Weathering Landforms in a Cryotic Environment, Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica 1-gen-2005 Guglielmin, Mauro; Cannone, Nicoletta; Strini, A; Lewkowicz, A.
Interactions between climate, vegetation and active layer in Maritime and continental Antarctica for climate change monitoring 1-gen-2005 Guglielmin, Mauro; Ellis Evans, Jc; Cannone, Nicoletta
Interactions between climate, vegetation and the active layer in soils at two Maritime Antarctic sites 1-gen-2006 Cannone, Nicoletta; Evans, Jce; Strachan, R; Guglielmin, Mauro
Unexpected impacts of climate change on Alpine vegetation 1-gen-2007 Cannone, Nicoletta; Sgorbati, S; Guglielmin, Mauro
Patterned ground features and vegetation. Examples from Continental and Maritime Antarctica. 1-gen-2008 Cannone, Nicoletta; Guglielmin, Mauro
Active layer thermal regime under different vegetation conditions in permafrost areas. A case study at Signy Island (maritime Antarctica) 1-gen-2008 Guglielmin, Mauro; C. J., ELLIS EVANS; Cannone, Nicoletta
Biotic and abiotic factors influencing soil properties across a latitudinal gradient in Victoria Land, Antarctica 1-gen-2008 Cannone, Nicoletta; Wagner, D.; Hubberten, H. W.; Guglielmin, Mauro
A preliminary floristic classification of southern and northern Victoria Land vegetation, continental Antarctica 1-gen-2008 Cannone, Nicoletta; Seppelt, R.
Itinerari naturalistici al Passo Gavia. Cambiamento climatico ed evoluzione dei paesaggi alpini 1-gen-2009 Cannone, Nicoletta; Diolaiuti, G.; Guglielmin, Mauro
Impatti inattesi ed accelerati del cambiamento climatico sulla vegetazione alpina e periglaciale 1-gen-2009 Cannone, Nicoletta; Diolaiuti, G.; Guglielmin, Mauro; Smiraglia, C.
Influence of vegetation on the ground thermal regime in continental Antarctica 1-gen-2009 Cannone, Nicoletta; Guglielmin, Mauro
Relationships between periglacial features and vegetationdevelopment in Victoria Land, continental Antarctica 1-gen-2010 Cannone, Nicoletta; Guglielmin, Mauro
Thermal State of Permafrost and Active-layer Monitoring in the Antarctic: Advances During the International Polar Year 2007-2009 1-gen-2010 Vieira, G; Bockheim, J; Guglielmin, Mauro; Balks, M; Abramov, Aa; Boelhouwers, J; Cannone, Nicoletta; Ganzert, L; Gilichinsky, Da; Gotyachkin, S; Lopez Martinez, J; Meiklejohn, I; Raffi, R; Ramos, M; Schaefer, C; Serrano, E; Simas, F; Sletten, R; Wagner, D.
Vegetation colonization of permafrost‐related landslides,Ellesmere Island, Canadian High Arctic 1-gen-2010 Cannone, Nicoletta; Lewkowicz, A. G.; Guglielmin, Mauro
The secret of success 1-gen-2011 Cannone, Nicoletta
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