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Estimates for normal forms of differential equations near an equilibrium point 1-gen-1988 Giorgilli, A.; Posilicano, Andrea
A Lie group structure on the space of time-dependent vector fields 1-gen-1988 Posilicano, Andrea
Capacity methods in the study of convergence of diffusions 1-gen-1991 Posilicano, Andrea
Convergence of Nelson diffusions 1-gen-1991 Dell'Antonio, G.; Posilicano, Andrea
Convergence of Nelson diffusions with time-dependent electromagnetic potentials 1-gen-1993 Posilicano, Andrea; Ugolini, S.
A Liapunov-type theorem for Nelson diffusions and nonattainability of nodes 1-gen-1995 Posilicano, Andrea
Convergence of distorted Brownian motions and singular Hamiltonians 1-gen-1996 Posilicano, Andrea
Poincaré-invariant Markov processes and Gaussian random fields on relativistic phase space 1-gen-1997 Posilicano, Andrea
The wave equation with one point interaction and the (linearized) classical electrodynamics of a point particle 1-gen-1998 Noja, D.; Posilicano, Andrea
On the point limit of the Pauli-Fierz model 1-gen-1999 Posilicano, Andrea; Noja, D.
Delta interactions and electrodynamics of point particles 1-gen-2000 Noja, D.; Posilicano, Andrea
Wave equations with point interactions in finite energy spaces 1-gen-2001 Bertini, M.; Noja, D.; Posilicano, Andrea
A Krein-like formula for Singular Perturbations of Self-Adjoint Operators and Applications 1-gen-2001 Posilicano, Andrea
Scattering into cones and flux across surfaces in quantum mechanics: a pathwise probabilistic approach 1-gen-2002 Posilicano, Andrea; Ugolini, S.
Boundary conditions for singular perturbations of self-adjoint operators 1-gen-2002 Posilicano, Andrea
Self-adjoint extensions by additive perturbations 1-gen-2003 Posilicano, Andrea
Boundary Triples and Weyl Functions for Singular Perturbations of Self-Adjoint Operators 1-gen-2004 Posilicano, Andrea
Convergence of symmetric diffusions on Wiener spaces 1-gen-2004 Posilicano, Andrea; Zhang, T. S.
Asymptotic flux across hypersurfaces for diffusion processes 1-gen-2004 Posilicano, Andrea; Ugolini, S.
Wave equations with concentrated nonlinearities 1-gen-2005 Noja, D.; Posilicano, Andrea
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 59
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